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‘Noblesse du temps’, ‘Nobility of time’. Jurançon wine 2009, Domaine Cauhapé. T…

‘Noblesse du temps’, ‘Nobility of time’. Jurançon wine 2009, Domaine Cauhapé.

There could be no better wine to start this very special year (or end the past special year, depending on whether you like to see your glass half full or half empty…).

Jurançon is an extraordinary wine from the South West of France, in the Pyrénées mountains and bordering Spain. The heat means that the grapes are harvested sometimes as late as early December, offering a wonderful intensity and high sugars, deep notes of vanilla and walnut.

To all my readers, my best wishes for a beautiful year, full of good food, creativity, quality wines and most importantly togetherness – good things in life have to be shared.

With love, Sandrine

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  1. Wonderful choice to start 2021 ! The Pyrénées are a beautiful landscape, an invitation to simple and good things in life : conviviality, friendship, joy, light, and good wines !!! Cauhape is one of the best 👏

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